Snake Outta Compton
23 Feb 2017

Snake Outta Compton

So there’s this film called Snake Outta

23 Feb 2017

So there’s this film called Snake Outta Compton produced by Automatic. They filmed some scenes in our 2-story house standing set and in our backlot.

They did a party scene in the first floor of the set and exploded a giant snake in our backlot! Green goo everywhere! But, of course, they cleaned up afterwards.

Here’s an article from Dread Central!

There’s a giant motherfkin’ snake loose on the streets of Compton! The world’s most dangerous city, with the most dangerous rap group, harassed by the most dangerous police force, will now battle with the world’s most dangerous big-ass snake! Beware of terrible rhymes, unfriendly fire, and monstrous fangs in this unpredictable and outrageous satire of creature features, urban gangster films, and hip-hop culture.

Check out some Behind the Scenes photos here:

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